Lee Hulin
Lee is the founder & CEO of Omni-Tech Solutions with over 25 years in the electrical and telecommunications industry. As CEO, he manages the overall operations, Christ-centered company culture and the company-wide leadership of Omni-Tech.
Lee graduated from The University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s in information technology and computer software engineering. When he isn’t running the day-to-day operations, he enjoys fishing, driving sports cars and spending time with his wife, 4 children and grandchildren.
Dara Hulin
Director of Ops & Finance
Dara is the Director of Operations & Finance at Omni-Tech Solutions. In her role, she provides leadership and management to the operations, legal and finance departments. With over 20 years of administrative and legal experience, as well as a bachelor’s in business with a minor in accounting, she brings her knowledge of finance, legal and operations to planning, implementing and managing various activities within the organization.
When Dara has free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband of over 20 years, her 4 adult children and her grandchildren. She also enjoys reading, attending church, participating in charity events, fishing, golfing, traveling and driving sports cars.
Daniel Poe
Director of Construction
Daniel is the Director of Construction at Omni-Tech Solutions. In his role, he manages the daily business operations of the company while working closely with our project managers to support the day-to-day activity in the field. Daniel specifically works with project quoting and costing. With a bachelor’s in arts and a master’s in criminal justice from Southeastern University and master’s in business administration from Lincoln Memorial University, combined with his 15 years of experience in telecommunications, Daniel is an asset to ensuring proper compliance and project completion for our customers.
In Daniel’s free time he enjoys reading, spending time with family and driving his Hellcat.
Don Murdock
Senior Project Manager
Don is a Senior Project Manager at Omni-Tech Solutions. As Project Manager, Don ensures crews operate efficiently and within clients’ schedules. He also monitors the financials of the projects that he manages while successfully communicating with our current clients pertaining to their specific needs. With over 35 years in construction and over 15 years in telecommunications, Don brings a wealth of knowledge to our teams.
When Don is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, children, and grandchildren. He also enjoys cooking, fishing, trail riding, light ranching and helping friends and neighbors with their ranching.
Brandon Roberson
Project Manager
Brandon is the Project Manager at Omni-Tech Solutions. His responsibilities at Omni-Tech include construction and process planning, project scoping, material order development, quality control, employee skills’ coaching, technical frequency and troubleshooting skills’ training.
Brandon is a registered brother of the Knights of Columbus. When he is not working, he loves playing with his two children and animals and listening to music. Brandon also enjoys orchestrations with software processing for musical development and salt, fresh and brackish water fishing.
Courtney Hulin
Project Coordinator
Courtney is the Project Coordinator at Omni-Tech Solutions. She works to complete all projects by handling equipment and all closeout processes. Courtney knows it’s not how you start but, how you finish the job. Courtney is trained in multiple project platforms as well as a plethora of equipment software.
When Courtney is not finalizing projects, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.
Ciara Roberson
Finance & Legal Liaison
Ciara is the Project Coordinator at Omni-Tech Solutions. She has been with the Omni-Tech team for over 5 years. Ciara oversees and manages our operational team as it relates to office management, employee management, vehicle management, et cetera. She also works with the project team on NTP, permitting, and purchase orders for our various vendors. In addition, she handles various areas of compliance, licensing, onboarding and program requirements of our internal team and subcontractors.
Ciara is a wife and mother to two children and three fur babies. She enjoys spending time outdoors, reading a good book, listening to music, and all things true crime.
Neal Ingram
Safety & Construction Mgr
Neal is the Safety and Compliance Manager at Omni-Tech Solutions. Neal ensures that all crews in the field are complying with the Omni-Tech Field Health and Safety Manual. Neal has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 7 years and ensures crews are completing all the daily and job safety documentation. While in the field, Neal also completes site walks, drafts Class 1 to Class 3 rigging plans, conducts safety audits and trains internal crew members on various safety topics.
When Neal is out of the office, he enjoys playing with his 2 dogs, visiting New Orleans and listening to all genres of music. He also enjoys traveling and exploring different cities with his wife and learning about the different cultures and histories that are around us.
Nicole Brister
Nicole is the Controller at Omni-Tech Solutions. She handles the day-to-day finances for the company. Nicole brings over 10 years of administrative experience to the team. As Controller, Nicole handles the invoicing, processing and payments of bills for the company. She also assists the CFO was various accounting tasks as needed. Nicole has a bachelor’s in mass communication and a minor in business marketing from LSU.
When Nicole is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. She is an active member in her local church and enjoys spending time with her family, watching a good movie, listening to music and playing board games.
Haley Hulin
Administrative Assistant
Haley is an Administrative Assistant at Omni-Tech Solutions. Haley brings over 5 years of office administration experience to the Omni-Tech Team. Her attention to detail and positive attitude makes her an interval part of the team.
When Haley is not at work she enjoys spending time with her son, hanging out with friends and listening to music.
Matthew Manlove
Compliance Specialist
Matthew Manlove - Headshot 2023 (2)
Matthew is the Compliance Specialist at Omni-Tech Solutions. With 2.5 years in the telecommunications industry, Matthew ensures that all safety certifications are valid and compliant. He works with our field crews to ensure all site pickups and drop offs are properly scheduled and completed in a timely manner. Matthew also manages all equipment and assets within our warehouse.
When Matthew is out of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and restoring furniture.